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  • 0.3.0   Couchbase Rust SDK ================== Version: 0.3.0 Date: 2017-10-09 Description ----------- This release brings new features and fixes: - Reworking of the Document API - libcouchbase bump to 2.8.1 - View key, startkey and endkey support - Connection String support & more test fixes Changelog --------- Michael Nitschinger (26): fix example desc add view query unit tests Refactoring for generic documents Merge pull request #23 from MikeGoldsmith/master add categories to toml files Initial support for connection string. Initial support for binding reuse add more prebuilt bindings More build changes. Merge pull request #28 from couchbaselabs/speed-up-sys Adapt to recent sys changes add connstr tests Merge pull request #29 from couchbaselabs/connstr remove util folder Move to 2.7.5 lcb Add view key, startkey and endkey. fixes #20 Add support for JsonDocument with conversions refactor documents and add flags Bump lcb to 2.8.1 adapt errors for lcb 2.8 Overhaul Documents a bit Support RBAC Auth polish more readme put bindgen on stable version fix example Mike Goldsmith (1): add appveyor configuration
    bd106b6d · fix example ·
  • 0.2.0   Couchbase Rust SDK ================== Version: 0.2.0 Date: 2017-02-22 Description ----------- This release brings new features and fixes: - Initial Support for N1QL - Initial Support for Views - CouchbaseError has been expanded and is now a first-class rust enum Changelog --------- Michael Nitschinger (11): make CouchbaseError first class remove option from get first shot at N1QL querying expose metrics as struct polish the callbacks expose n1ql row as struct Add basic View support. Fixes #5 fix views example Expose view params as builder. Handle early drop of receiver on stream gracefully. Prepare 0.2.0 Release
    d2790de3 · Prepare 0.2.0 Release ·
  • 0.1.1   Couchbase Rust SDK ================== Version: 0.1.1 Date: 2017-01-30 Description ----------- Short bugfix release which tightens up the build file to allow for more flexibility as well as error propagation fixes and readme polish. Changelog --------- Michael Nitschinger (5): tighten up the build file for couchbase-sys add build instructions to readme fix error propagation. fixes #2 badges readme polish
    0d4f20f6 · readme polish ·
  • 0.1.0   Couchbase Rust SDK ================== Version: 0.1.0 Date: 2017-01-27 Description ----------- The initial release, featuring: - Simple KV API - -sys crate which builds lcb automatically - Examples Changelog --------- Michael Nitschinger (20): Initial commit veeery rough hello world collect some todos example tiny step towards futures bump bindgen compile natively by default it works! again... update todo expose cluster expose content as vec with optional as_str handle notfound more examples and destroy instance on bucket drop readme support for mutations add remove API refactor document more refactoring support expiry on store toml polish
    930466f1 · toml polish ·